Woman In An EXPLOSION Thinks The Worst, But Something Inside Her Persuades Her To LIVE No Matter What


The fear and terror radical extremists induce has done massive impact globally. Thousands of lives are lost to senseless killings and families forever shattered.

After another atrocious event, this time in Brussels, Belgium, the local community held hands to show strength in unity. One mother who barely escaped the attack with her husband at the airport wrote down  one such powerful message to her unborn child.

Sneha Mehta and her husband Sameep were at the international airport when the deadly bombing occurred. She was almost certain they wouldn’t make it out alive. They flew into Brussels and had no idea how to react in this kind of a situation. They just wanted to get out as fast as they could.

In an interview with a news source, Mehta said, “I absolutely didn’t know which direction to run in.”

Mehta, an expecting mother, was 16 weeks into her pregnancy. Her instinct to stay alive suddenly heightened with that fact alone. She wanted to get out of the airport and go to the nearest hospital to check on the child.

When the couple eventually reached Sint Augustinus Hospital, they were delighted to learn that their baby was alive and healthy.

Everything that transpired has been life changing for Mehta, so she thought of penning such a powerful message to her beloved unborn baby.

The letter started with a depiction of the horrific event at the airport: “Hi Sweetheart, I don’t know if we already acknowledged this with you in person, but when you were 16 weeks old, mum and dad were in an explosion at Brussels Airport.”

She then explained how her daughter inside her tummy gave them a reason to live.

“You didn’t just give mum and dad faith and reason to live, you gave the awareness and presence of mind like never before.”

Finally, the mom expressed her love to her unborn child as she ended, “You are absolutely precious to us, and have already been a hero today. I guess the world has sent so much love and hope your way, you owe your life to reciprocating that goodness. May you always be brave and healthy. We love you beyond words.”

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