Woman Finds A Check Her Dad Wrote 66 Years Ago. When She Sees The Exact Date She Gets CHILLS!


Well-read people say that reading classic novels will travel you back in time. A magnificent time which you can only capture through flipping pages of a book. If you are not a voracious reader, though, you can take another time machine to the past. It’s as simple as discovering a vintage item like the lady in this incredible story.

Barbara Rappaport from Georgia was simply searching through her father’s old possessions when she stumbled upon a check from the 1950’s. She was so surprised to read the details on that check.

“My [87-year-old] mother asked me if I knew where my dad’s watch collection was and I thought, ‘Gee, maybe it’s still in that last box of stuff I hadn’t opened that was still on the floor of my closet’,” Rappaport said in an interview with a news website.

Rappaport’s father passed 15 years ago, but she never really looked through his last items until that incredible moment. While she was searching for the watches, she discovered something she never expected to see. It was an envelope full of old papers and bank checks.

Here’s a photo of one of the checks she has found:


It’s a check addressed to Dr. Sydney H. Shapiro. Check out the date and you will see January 14, 1950. Can you believe that this item was written 66 years ago? Incredibly, it was a week after Rappaport was born.

A surprised Rappaport called her mother in disbelief and asked who that doctor was. Her mother replied, “That was the doctor who delivered you at Irvington General Hospital.”

Later on, Rappaport described how she felt: “…there was something about seeing this check that really gave me the chills.” Probably it’s the cost of the hospital birth at $125. Today, an operation can reach up to $37k.

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