When Her Husband Abandoned Her With Their Six Children, She Didn’t Know Where To Turn! What Happened Next Was Definitely Something That She Did NOT Expect!


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I have a very deep respect for the single mothers out there, especially mothers who were raising children before the government had too many programs to help out and before women could get the same employment opportunities that could have supported a family. This one mom learned that the hard way when her abusive husband suddenly vanished, leaving them nearly penniless just before the frigid winter months. The desolation and despair of suddenly needing to find a way to support all of these children in a time that didn’t offer the support that a single working mother needed, but that she still went out every day and night in order to make it work is a testament to working mothers everywhere.



Whether or not you are religious, random acts of kindness happen every day, and most of the time, you might never know just how much God has touched someone’s life through you. What might not seem like a lot to you can mean the world to them. This mother did not immediately go out and look for a way out of her situation but instead fought and clawed her way to making a life for her children, regardless of how tired, hurt, or discouraged she felt.

Because of her determination and drive, the people around her took notice and decided to do something to help out. It changed her life and gave her the courage to keep fighting, to keep working, and to keep her family together. Truly inspiring.

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