Walmart Shopping: Collect Walmart Gift Cards & Save More!


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Are you a Walmart shopper who has a list of items to purchase for your home or office but is low on budget? A Walmart gift card can help you shop without spending too much! And know what, getting free Walmart gift cards is no more a difficult task! Here are a few gift cards for your to collect and save more!

What are the requirements to claim a gift card?

To play and claim gift cards,

  • you need to have a valid email address
  • Date of birth to verify your age
  • And, other basic information

How to claim your Walmart gift card?

Step 1:

Click on the gift card that you wish to claim! Enter some basic information and answer survey questions to continue towards your gift card

Step 2: 

Once you entered your personal information and answered the questions, you will be shown some deals to pick from. Once you are done with the process, your card will be sent to you! That’s it!  Isn’t easy?

Collect Walmart Gift Cards!

#1. $250 Walmart Gift Card

#2. $100 Walmart Gift Cards


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