This Man Was Doing Something Odd After Every Beer…When Someone Asked WHY He Was Doing It, His Response Was Shocking!

You’ve heard of “beer goggles” before, but this is taking it to a new level! The theory is that if you’re drinking alcohol, the world becomes a “better” place – and that might include the people in it sometimes, too.

This guy had a hard day. He was tired, he was thirsty, and he just needed to think! We’ve all had days like that. When life gets stressful, sometimes we just need to get away from everyone! We need a break from our daily lives to calm down and think. We need to gather our thoughts, forget the world, and just focus on something that will make us happy!


Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but my afternoon cup of coffee during nap time can sometimes be the highlight of my day! Those precious few minutes are when I can stop thinking about all of the things that need to get done and just breathe!

Well, it turns out that this guy may have had some ulterior motives for taking an hour or two after work before going home…when I read the punchline…Oh, no!

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