This Little Turtle Was Trying To Climb A Tree…When He Falls Again And Again, His Mom Finally Said THIS!

Our parents always want to look out for us. They want us to have the best chance in life that we could possibly have. They try and make things easier for us at every turn, but sometimes there are just things that we have to learn on our own. When we are learning to ride a bike, sometimes we have to fall down. Sometimes we get picked last during recess when everyone else is forming teams. These are just little instances in our lives that will shape who we become as adults. It’s hard to see your child struggle, but in the end, you know that they will learn from it and become stronger. For this mom, it was a little bit more complicated than all that.


That punchline! You would think that this little turtle would have realized that he didn’t have wings like mom and dad, but at least he’ll figure it out eventually! Poor little turtle…I hope he won’t be too upset when he realizes that he won’t be able to fly. They should bring him to the lake and let him learn how to swim! That’s what turtles love to do the best!

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