This Helpful Mother Wanted To Save Her Daughter From A Horrible Day…Until They Both Realized THIS One Fact!!

Oh, no. It’s one of those days again! The house is a mess (didn’t I just pick up those toys?!), the dishes are piling up (I swear I loaded the dishwasher last night), there’s grocery shopping to be done (how did we run out of milk in 3 days?!), and the time just seems to be flying by because your spouse will be home in only an hour! Yes, I hate that, too. Sometimes when life gets in the way of living, we can forget to look at the big picture, and sometimes, a call from mom is just what we need to put things into perspective! (Sorry, hun, pizza for dinner!)


I don’t think that I have every gotten a phone call from a wrong number that was MORE depressing than this! This poor, overworked housewife was finally going to get some relief…only to have it all ripped away in a matter of moments! I would have cried and given up, and my next phone call would have been to cancel the dinner plans! I know that life can get pretty stressful sometimes, but this would be an example of when I would call one of my friends over to help instead! It’s always easier with a little bit of moral support! I wonder what would have happened if they had never realized that mom had dialed the wrong number!

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