This Guy Was Out-Selling His Coworkers By The Hundreds! When They Learn His Secret, They Are Stunned. And A Little Disgusted…


We’ve all been here: even though we try our very very best, there is someone who just outshines us at every turn. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at work. Maybe the kids are in a school play, and even though you spent an entire week making your kid’s costume look as good as you possibly could, little Timmy’s mom just blew everyone else’s out of the water with seemingly no effort at all. At work, you might have tried as hard as you could on that presentation, only to find that it wasn’t quite what the client was looking for. It happens a lot in our lives, but it’s how we handle it that really matters. What do you think THESE guys did?


I suppose it’s all about perspective! This guy wasn’t really fantastic at selling toothbrushes, but he did have a knack for creating the demand for them!

Maybe that mom bought her kid’s costume off of the internet, and maybe that client just didn’t understand what he was asking for in the first place. It’s not always about you not having the skills that you think you should have, it’s about how you use the skills that you do have! Don’t feel down when someone outshines you – just get creative!

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