This Crafty Neighbor Tried To Weasel His Way Out Of Debt…He Was Quickly Outsmarted By One Very Clever Lawyer!

People will say and do anything to get out of paying back their debts. We now have to sign contracts made up of multiple pages with hundreds of specifications to make sure that both parties are covered in case there is confusion down the line. Everything is always documented several times over when money is changing hands, and sometimes these contracts can be more of a hassle than they are worth! While companies and customers try their best to pay attention to where their money goes, sometimes, speed bumps happen along the way. Some people, it turns out, are less honest than others!


In this case, one neighbor agreed to loan another a very large amount of money. It happens sometimes when you can’t go to a bank or afford a loan from a credit company. This kindly neighbor didn’t get anything in writing, so it was easy for the borrowing neighbor to claim that it had never happened! Without a paper trail, this guy was out a huge chunk of cash and no one to complain to!

So what’s a man to do but turn to a lawyer? I bet this trick worked like a charm, and they probably didn’t even need to go to court! I wonder if I would have thought of this in such a tight situation. Would you have? Share it with your friends and see what they think of it!

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