There Was Nothing Interesting In The Papers That Morning…But He Managed To Sell Every Single One!

Sometimes life will hand you lemons…but it’s up to you what to do with them! The phrase is usually, “make lemonade,” but for that you’ll also need ice and sugar! What do you do if you have to make a living with something that doesn’t seem to have any value? That’s what this little paper boy found out after he bought his stack of papers to sell on the streets. Nothing interesting had happened the day before, and the headline was some boring explanation of property taxes. Who wants to buy a paper that isn’t exciting?


When there isn’t a scandal, MAKE a scandal! I would hope that the people who bought the boring papers just laughed it off and appreciated the kid’s ability to persevere even in the most difficult circumstances! He had papers to sell and food to put on the table that night – and it didn’t matter how he got there! Would you have thought of this clever ruse to sell your papers? I might have embellished on a smaller story inside if the headline wasn’t exciting enough, but I don’t think I would have thought to do THIS! Too funny!

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