The Trick To Folding A Fitted Sheet

If you were to open my linen closet and pull out a sheet set, this is basically what they all look like:


Stuffed, wrinkled, and a general disaster. Up until I found this method, I would fold my sheets as best I could, and just wrap the remaining fitted sheet around the nice, neat sheets.

There was no hope for me. No matter how many times I tried to fold it nicely, it ended up looking like the cat took a nap in it.

Now, there is a super easy way to get your fitted sheets to look like you’ve just bought them! No more bundled, wrinkled, messy fitted sheets in the linen closet! It’s amazing.







1. Put your hands into the width corners (the short side of the rectangle!) Use your index fingers to make points at the very tips of the corners and touch them together.

2. Match them together and pull everything tight.

3. Bring the other two corners up to meet your matched corners. This is the most aggravating step. Just imagine the beautiful linen closet you will have at the end of all of this frustration!

4. Lie everything flat on your folding table.

5. Fold your sheet into thirds.

6. Fold your sheet in half the long way.

7. Marvel at your perfectly flat fitted sheet!

This is great for organizing your linens and keeps the sheets from becoming too wrinkled.

Add a dryer sheet into your linen closet if you want your nicely folded sheets to smell dryer-fresh every time you use them.

Images from herehere, and here.


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