Teenager And Baby Disappear After Mom Lets Him Push Little One Around Park In Stroller


Would you entrust your child in a public place to a person that you know? Well, it’s a bit tricky because you’ll then ask “how close is that person to me?” This real life event might help you figure out the right answer so you can prevent an unexpected situation before it happens.

A mother in Missouri has filed kidnapping charges against a 19-year-old young man after her child was taken away for a prolonged time.

The incident happened at a park where the mother and the alleged kidnapper met up. Apparently, the two know each other, so the mother gave permission to the young man to take her child for a quick stroll ride around the park. Moments later, the mother felt uneasy because she couldn’t see her child and the teenager anywhere. The two had suddenly disappeared from the park.

Although the mother, who wasn’t named, still had hopes of seeing the child brought back to her, she finally decided to call the police and report what happened. It was about 3 hours after she last saw her baby.

On the way to the terrified mother’s house, the police received a call that was linked to the missing child and the alleged kidnapper. It was an assault in progress at the Chalmette area.

The person that was the victim of the assault was actually the teen that abducted the child. Based on the police report, he got caught up in an altercation with another teen. Moreover, the cops described him as extremely intoxicated.

As soon as the police arrived at the scene, they saw the little boy who was, fortunately, unharmed. The investigators are still retracing the events that occurred before the assault and why it lead to the area where the incident happened. Also, they are filing charges against the teen suspect.

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