Teen With Heart Defects Refuses “End Of Life” Comfort. Three Months Later, It Becomes Clear Why


No one can explain how miracles work; neither natural nor scientific laws can lay claim. The mystery that surrounds these events, though, is within a person’s unwavering faith.

Rhiana Thompson displayed her tremendous faith during a long ordeal with heart complications. At the most critical time, a miracle occurred, and somehow, she’s overcome a fatal condition.

Thompson was born with multiple congenital heart defects. At a tender age of three, she’d endured her very first open heart surgery. Sadly for young Rhiana, it wasn’t the last. She had fourteen more operations by the time she reached 19.

A critical turning point happened when Rhiana’s doctors diagnosed fluid build-up on her chest and stomach. It would require another painstaking surgery, and, this time, a heart transplant. A grim prediction also came: Rhiana isn’t fit to survive yet another surgery.

Rhiana said in an interview, “Doctors felt I needed a heart transplant, however, this was not to be as they said I was too ill for the transplant and I wasn’t happy with the idea of a heart transplant anyway.” She added, “So I spent many weeks going between ICU and Coronary Care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and was expected to need palliative care.”

Surprisingly, the 19-year-old kept a strong faith despite what she was about to face. “I rejected palliative care because of my faith in God which gave me confidence and made me know I would be fine.”

While undergoing treatment, something unexplainable happened.The build-up of fluid going to her chest stopped. One of the doctors said that the final drain has placed a hole in a muscle and it has prevented the flow of the fluid.

Sharron, Rhiana’s mother said, “The doctors said there was nothing more they can do. She straight away rejected palliative care because she said she did not feel sick.” With her child’s incredible faith, she mentioned, “Her faith was everything to her, absolutely everything. The faith in our family, our extended family and the church family all helped her through.”

Rhiana now is back in school as a teaching assistant at St. Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall in England. She’s also finishing her A-levels.

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