Super Model Secrets! How to Look Amazing (for less) in 2015

Let’s face it. We’ve all looked at super models and wondered how they do it. They are always spotted looking sleek and chic and their bodies are long, lean, and toned to perfection. Learn how you can look like a super model in 2015 by stealing some of their best kept secrets!

Don’t Deprive Yourself


Super models never deprive themselves if they want something. But, instead of eating an entire cake; they may have just a bite or a sliver to satisfy their sweet tooth. They make diet conscious substitutes on a regular basis. Instead of eating pasta, they opt for spaghetti squash. They eat a big salad but skip the bacon bits and croutons and pile on the seeds and nuts. If they have a soda craving, they drink sparkling water. If you want to have a super model body, you have to be super dedicated to a diet that gives you what you need without removing it from your lifestyle and eating habits completely.

Get Hydrated

Google your favorite fashion model. Chances are you’ll see them walking around with a full water bottle in more than just one image snapped of them. Super models are always hydrated. This helps decrease their appetite, get gorgeous glowing skin, and have more energy throughout their day to exercise. Start carrying a bottle around with you wherever you go and keep track of how much water you are drinking. Make it your goal to have eight to ten large glasses of water daily.

Work it Out


Those lovely ladies don’t get that lovely body by just walking! Super models know how to sweat! If you’ve ever wondered how they get that long, lean, and toned look; their secret is yogalates. A combination between yoga and pilates; this new exercise regimen targets all of your problem areas, creates a lean muscle tone, stretches your limbs, and lengthens your overall look. Best of all, it’s sure to get your heart rate up, improve your balance, and enhance your posture so you can stand up just as straight as they do!

Stick to the Basics

Super models walk around looking effortlessly cool on their down days. This is because they invest in the basics. Make sure you own a fabulous pair of fitted boot cut jeans, slouchy ankle booties, a basic white button down, and a pair of sleek aviator sunglasses.

You don’t have to be a super model to look like one. Follow these tips and tricks above to look fierce and fabulous in 2015!

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