Spruce Up Your Home With These 9 DIY Throw Pillows


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It’s a magical thing, but adding accent pillows to a couch, sofa, bed, or chair can really change the feeling of an entire room! Bringing together different colors, styles, and textures together is easy when you add throw pillows to a couch or bed. Use old shirts, sweaters, jeans, or scrap fabric to create a single statement pillow or a whole mismatching set! As long as your have thread, you’re on your way to creating a fun and unique way to spice up your home!

6.1m1. Ruffle Pillow

All this design requires is an old T-Shirt, some thread (if you can match the color of the T-Shirt, even better!) and a little bit of time. I won’t be able to stop myself from doubling the ruffles that this design calls for because it’s so easy to do! By cinching long strips of fabric, you’ll find that the pillows will look store-bought!

6.1n2. Sunburst Pillow

The only trick to this pillow is the clever stitching on the front! All you need is a patient, steady hand to make these modern pillows for yourself. I like this pattern because of it’s simplicity. It will easily class up any room that it sits in – all it takes is a few well-placed stitches!


6.1o3. Buttoned Monogram Pillow

Have a useless button jar filled with buttons? I do. It’s got extra buttons from shirts I no longer own, random buttons that I find under couch cushions or in the laundry, or just leftover buttons from past projects. You never know when you might need a button. I was hesitant about this project at first because I thought, “well what if I need a button that I sewed onto the pillow?” Easy, Past Me. Just cut it off and replace it if you need it that badly. Say goodbye to button jars – now you can make a fun and funky button pillow instead!

6.1p4. Rosette Pillow

This pattern wins my heart. It’s simple, cute, and so full of potential! You can make a huge rose or a single small rose, different colored roses, or a different colored rose for each separate pillow! I love this idea for a young girl’s room. It will be dainty while still having a modern feel!

6.1q5. Ruffled Pillow

I always see these in the department stores and this design is always my favorite – the $14.99 price tag usually squashes that dream fairly quickly, but the love is still the same! I love this design so very, very much! I’m going to make so many of these for the living room. I am so excited.

6.1r6. Cozy Sweater Pillow

This is a wonderful way to transition from summer to fall! Bring out the sweater pillows! Choose warm colors that will match the season and your living room with this creative use for old sweaters.


6.1s7. Stencil Pillow

This one may take a bit of extra preparation, but if you have a specific design that you want in one of the rooms for your house, do it! It’s not hard, you just might have to buy a bit of extra supplies. This fun stencil is color blocked and I love it.


6.1t8. Old Blue Jeans Pillow

Do you have old blue jeans that are torn, worn out, or just simply outdated? When I have 12, we would make our old jeans into purses. Now, we can turn them into pillows! Great for a patio or deck, these pillows bring a sturdy feel to any couch they are sitting on. Perfect for springtime, I say!

6.1u9. Button Pillow

Wow! Look at how awesome this pillow is! The buttons are stitched on perfectly (I have a feeling mine would be a bit…slanted) and the matching piping around the edges really brings this pillow to the next level. Create different designs with the buttons to make a whole set!

Add some pizzazz to your home with some (or all!) of these cute and creative designs. Choose new fabric or create cute pillows with stuff you have lying around! I know a button jar that just can’t wait to be emptied and sewn into the shape of a “K”…

Try these out and see what sweet, lovely pillows you can create yourself! Fun to make and pretty to look at, custom DIY pillows will always be a hit! (Plus your living room will look fantastic!)

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