Single Mom Takes Son To A Hotel. When She Sees THIS Simple Little Thing Inside Their Room, She Loses It…


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No matter what your current life situation is, no one has the right to judge you. Simply put, no one has the right to judge anyone. A lot of people are quick to point out what they see but they have no idea what someone has been through. Instead of throwing out judgment, it’s better to lend a helping hand to someone in dire need.

A front desk officer named “Sandy” saw an exhausted mother arrive early at Quality Inn hotel in Cambridge, Ohio. The unnamed mom was with her son and the family dog. She had just sold the last valuable item they had so they could stay in a decent place for the night.

The officer had no idea what happened to them, but she saw the pain in the mother’s eyes. Instead of letting them wait for the check-in time, she told them that a supervisor would assist them to their room shortly.

When the guests had finally entered, the mother saw a note from Sandy. It brought her to an emotional halt. She then took a picture of the uplifting message she desperately needed:

note hotel fb

Sandy’s short but sweet message read:

“Welcome! Enjoy your stay with us! God Bless You!”

The photo has been shared by Love What Matters on its Facebook page. The mother also wrote a message to Sandy. She replied:

“You did not know I sold my last valuable item for a night in your hotel for my son to have a safe clean place to lay his head, you do not know the struggle to find housing that accepts HUD and a pet. My family is judged before anyone can meet us. I was broken down and crying an hour before because I had lost all hope. But, when you saw us arrive early for our room, you went to hunt down your supervisor to clear it because you couldn’t let us in until she did.”

The grateful mom added, “It meant so much, it gave me a glimmer of hope for my future. No words can ever express the thanks I feel for giving me hope when all seemed lost. Thank you!”

The kindness Sandy showed was enough motivation for the struggling mom to push forward, in spite of the difficult time. This inspiring and powerful story has since gone viral.

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