Single Mom Caught By Cop Selling Her Children’s Toys. What He Does Next…


Single mothers will do everything they can to keep their children safe and sound. They want to avoid falling on hard times. The harsh reality, though, is a lot of moms are struggling to make ends meet.

April Casey from Arizona turned to selling her children’s toys in the street, so she can afford food and diapers. When a kind police officer knew what she was going through, he turned into a good Samaritan.

Glendale Police Sergeant Jeff Turney spotted a mother with her two kids at the intersection of 67th Avenue and Northern. Apparently, they were selling toys on the road. He then pulled up to see what went on.

“I saw April with her children, with toys spread out on the ground. I told her she couldn’t have her children out there. It was too dangerous to have her children out there along the edge of the road,” Sergeant Turney recalled.

Casey explained, “I needed diapers.” In an interview with local news, she repeated, “I don’t have anything and I’ve got to come up with money for rent and bills and diapers.”

The single mom simply wanted to raise money for her kids, 14-month-old Ethan, and 4-year-old Skyler. “I’ve been in a really tough situation lately and no one has really helped us,” she added.

After suffering a seizure at work, the mother had to quit her job. Her doctors diagnosed her with a severe condition. She can only return after a medical clearance.

Instead of arresting Casey, Sergeant Turney told her, “Why don’t we go down to the store and I’ll get you guys what you need.” The two went down to the store and the mother bought diapers, wipes, and food, but nothing for herself.

“She didn’t buy anything but things for the kids. I practically had to force her back to the grocery section to get food for herself,” Sergeant Turney recalled.

Casey said she’s “forever grateful” to Sergeant Turney. He gave her boys junior officer badges and a warm hug. The officer humbly replied, “I’m just one of many officers out here on the streets of Glendale who do this every day.”
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