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Choosing an Auto Insurance can be a daunting task. Before you buy insurance, it is advised to compare multiple insurance providers. By comparing, you can save a lot of dollars. So, if you want to compare auto insurance Policy Pilot is the best website. Policy Pilot can be your insurance co-pilot by reducing all the hassles of buying auto insurance. Policy Pilot has made it easy to compare auto insurance providers!

Policy Pilot- Auto Insurance Comparison Made Easy

Policy Pilot presents you with a variety of carriers and helps you compare the policies. They have got trusted insurers to help you pick one at the right price and the level of coverage. Give a few details and you’ll instantly be connected with a reputable insurance company. You get the best experience and the most value. Get insured in minutes and pay less every month!

The website says – “No login required, compare providers to start saving”. This is really a cool feature that allows the users to compare insurance providers instantly!

You get started by entering your insurance details and zip code. Then you must sect your vehicle make. year and model number.

Then, tell them your primary use, annual mileage, and level of coverage of your vehicle.

They ask for basic details about you including your Date of Birth and credit level.

See your results and it will show the insurance providers n your area.

What car insurance covers?

In general, car insurance covers damage, vandalism, and theft of your vehicle, but specific policies will have different types of coverage. Each car insurance policy is made up of at least one of the following:

Liability insurance: Covers damage you cause to others in an accident. It is made up of bodily injury and property damage.

Collision insurance: Collision insurance covers your vehicle in case of a collision.

Personal injury protection: Covers medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. It’s required in “no-fault” states because it pays regardless of legal liability.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance: If you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver and they’re at fault, uninsured motorist insurance means you’ll still be covered. Like liability insurance, bodily injury and property damage are covered here, but for you instead of the other driver.

Pros of Policy Pilot

The website allows users to compare auto insurance without logging in, which will save the users time.

Policy Pilot has got Auto Insurance learning center that helps the users to know about auto insurance types, coverage, and terminology so the users can focus on finding the right plan.

The website has got car insurance discount savings calculator 

You can select the discount that you think, you can qualify for – Multi-car Discount, Homeowner Discount, Multi-Policy Discount, Online Quote Discount, Car Safety Equipment Discount, Good Driver Discount, and Good Student Discount.


PolicyPilot is an insurance provider information and matching service. To obtain insurance product information, quotes, and compare rates, fill out an information request form, which will refer you to matched, licensed insurers or agents, or contact any of the listed insurers. Cover your vehicle with the cheapest rates today!

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