Police BUST 300-Teen House Party. The Real Surprise Is Where They Find The Parents…


A high-school house party usually happens when parents are away for the weekend. What ensues during this occasion is a lot of drinking, smoking, dancing, and throwing up. The question is, what happens when parents permit their kids to throw a big one?

The Upper Darby Police in Pennsylvania were baffled after arriving in the home of 54-year-old Abdul Ahmaddiya. Based on the report, Ahmaddiya and his wife allowed their 17-year-old daughter to throw a party not just with her friends, but with more than 300 people.

Superintendent Michael Chitwood described, “It was the house from hell Saturday night.” He was simply in shock to see such an unexpected scene. “There were 300 teenagers smoking dope, drinking beer, drinking whiskey. It was totally out of control,” Chitwood added.

What’s the biggest catch from this crazy gathering? According to the cops who arrived at the scene, they saw Ahmaddiya enjoying himself with his daughter’s invited guests. He was said to be “drunk and nasty” when the cops asked him to step outside and talk.

As Chitwood talked to Ahmaddiya, the father uttered, “Ain’t nothing wrong with kids drinking and smoking dope in my house.”

Ahmaddiya’s blowout house party came to an end when he was arrested for corruption of minors, furnishing alcohol to minors, and disorderly conduct. His wife and the teen’s mom, Nichelle Davis-Ahmaddiya, was discovered to be inside the house during the party. She was arrested consequently with the same charges as her husband. Meanwhile, their daughter has been cited for consumption and possession of alcohol.

Instead of teaching their teenage daughter how to be a good citizen, the couple went as far as allowing her to drink and smoke with her friends and other people they barely know. They even allowed this to happen in their very own home. Now they will face the consequences of their actions.

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