Parents Learn That Government REJECTS Their Baby Girl’s Name For Being Too ‘Embarrassing’ To The Baby


So many unique baby names have sprung and it’s all because parents want to make their kids feel special. A Brazilian couple, however, has been told that the name they chose for their baby was rejected. The people in the government said it was “embarrassing” and “too African.”

According to Cizinho Afreeka and Jéssica Juliana, the baby name they thought of had been flat out denied. They want to name their baby Makeda Foluke, which is rooted in rich African history. “Makeda” is common in Ethiopia since it refers to the Queen of Sheba. Meanwhile, “Foluke” is a Nigerian name.

When these names are joined together, it comes out with a beautiful meaning that is “Grandiose that is at the care of God.”

The 44-year-old Afreeka and his 27-year-old partner Juliana are aware that the government strongly suggests parents to choose European names, but still they went with it. They were caught by surprise after it was totally disregarded.

Afreeka, the child’s father, said in an interview, “It’s not a name phonetically alien to Portuguese, we thought about it.”

Since there’s a good number of Africans living in Brazil, the couple said that what happened must be considered an act of racism.

“It’s a form of racism that takes place in Brazil: the racism of subtleties,” Afreeka continued. “It should be very natural a man and a black woman adopting an African name, as the country is made up of three races.”

The 2nd district of São João de Meriti’s registration office disapproved the baby’s name and it was never printed on the child’s birth certificate. The parents couldn’t believe it after they were told the name would cause an “embarrassment” to the child.

While a lot of people think the meaning of the name is beautiful, the government argues it’s about the pronunciation and diction. Meanwhile, the parents will keep the name and continue to fight for what they want.

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