New Mom’s Postpartum Photos Inspire & Reveal What It’s Like To Train For The Olympics After Childbirth


The fitness craze has been more popular than ever. Aside from professional athletes, self-made names are endorsing products in billboards, magazines, and social media.

While it’s questionable whether they are truly inspiring others or simply cashing in, a professional runner has chosen to share her personal experience through postpartum photos. She’s taking the big step to encourage mothers and all women to bounce back and get in shape.

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce knows that pregnancy is a life blessing entrusted to women, but somehow they are ridiculed about their postpartum bodies. She wants to alter this perspective with her own photos. Here’s one that she posted on her Instagram account:

train-olympics instagram

In a fitness magazine interview, Bruce said, “Not many elite pro runners stop their careers to have babies and I decided to take a break to have a child in between Olympic cycles.”

“It’s a journey not talked about very publicly as many women see elite runners as these superhuman women with super fit bodies and sometimes can’t relate,” she added.

A mother-of-two, Bruce wants to serve as an inspiration to all mothers out there. She and her husband Ben, also a professional athlete, started documenting her training for the upcoming Olympics.

As expected, her legs and arms regained their form, but it was her tummy during pregnancy that needed a lot of work. This strong mommy has been strengthening her core after suffering diastasis recti, which means the separation of the abdominal muscles.

Bruce admitted, “Going through pregnancy and childbirth was very humbling and I felt that not many women… shared the real and raw part of it.”

She then mentioned these encouraging words to moms and moms-to-be: “I share this so moms and soon-to-be moms know you can still get back to your athletic self, have big goals, be a mom, have imperfections, don’t be embarrassed by them, and have confidence in yourself.”

Her message has been spreading to a lot of people through her Instagram account. She has received a lot of support and admiration.

“The comments I receive have been inspiring and encouraging and keeps me pushing through some challenging days as I’m raising 2 babies and trying to make the 2016 Olympic Team,” Bruce said.

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