Mom Finds Several Suspicious Items In Daycare Bathroom And Calls Police


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For busy moms and dads rushing to the office daily, a daycare center is a reliable place to leave the children. The little ones are overseen in a safe area and they can learn new things as well. But before you let your kids enter one, make sure that the personnel is trustworthy.

One daycare worker in Ohio has been busted after a parent found narcotics and paraphernalia in the bathroom. What made it worse is that the children have access to that same bathroom.

A report from an unnamed parent finally put Danielle Burkhead into the hands of the police. The 32-year-old Burkhead works in a daycare center where children are supposed to be in her care every day. According to court records, the parent saw suspicious objects inside the bathroom. She immediately called the authorities because of fear for the safety of her child and the other kids.

The terrified mother recalled the items she saw. There was a needle, lighter, spoon, several capsules, and a tourniquet. The one that struck her the most was “a large rock”. These aren’t things one should see inside a bathroom especially when children are using it.

When the authorities arrived, a total of four children were still at the day care center under the supervision of Burkhead. As noted on the police investigation, the daycare worker confessed to the cops that she has been using heroin while working in the center.

The mother who has discovered the items reportedly asked her child if Burkhead has been putting anything on her arm and the child said she has. The little girl added they were told to leave her alone while she was on it.

The deputy from the Clark County Municipal Court said, “Mrs. Burkhead created a substantial risk to the health and safety of the children, by violating a duty of care, protection, and support by using heroin while watching the children.”

Interestingly enough, Burkhead pleaded not guilty to four counts of child endangerment.

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