Mom Attends School With Son Every Day For 7 YEARS To Make Sure He Doesn’t Fall Behind


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A mother’s love for her child is truly immeasurable. She will provide and protect her own flesh and blood for as long as she can. This story of a devoted mom from China will surely make your eyes water and hearts warmer.

In a report from a local news source in China, 55-year-old mom Pang Zhihua found out that her son has autism. A school teacher, Pang made the biggest decision of her life to quit her job just to accompany her son to school. She’s already done it for the past seven years.

Zhihua was teaching in high school when she found out that her son had autism. Since she loves her son so much, she left the job and started to work as a cleaner at her son’s primary school. She wants to be where her son is and be with him every step of the way.

The admirable mother said, “If I can be with my son, any job is acceptable.” She knows that the situation is difficult, but there is no stopping the determined Zhihua.

When her son Bao Han started attending classes in a bigger school, that’s when Zhihua gave her full attention and attended classes with her son just to make sure she knows his school work.

Now 16, Bao Han is reported to be one of the students who are performing his high achievements wel. It’s a great feeling since the family only lives in a humble apartment where Zhihua even sleeps on the couch.

Ultimately, Zhihua prays that all her hard work will soon pay off and Bao can attend a good university even without his mother on the side.

The dedication Zhihua has shown as a mother is an example of how important education is and the love to a child is simply priceless. It won’t be long until Bao repays his mother with greater achievements.

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