Man Is Forced To Pay Child Support For His Wife’s Baby. The Only Problem? He Hasn’t Seen Her In 20 YEARS!


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It’s a shame to hear about a husband and wife falling out of love and leaving a child to suffer amid it all. It’s a tough situation for any couple, but most of all, the welfare of their child is what’s at stake.

This is why a mother in Iowa sent her estranged husband a legal notice to demand child support as the child’s father. Although the man is in protest because he said the child is not his, he’s in a sticky situation because they are married.

Joe Vandusen of Davenport, Iowa, couldn’t believe what came in his mail. It’s a letter from the Department of Human Resources notifying him about a child support.

A baffled Vandusen said, “I opened it up and it was child support, for a kid that is not even mine.”

Vandusen and his estranged wife had a baby, but he never saw the child again after the two parted ways almost 20 years ago. Although they aren’t living under the same roof, they have been married and never settled anything through a divorce.

Technically speaking, their marriage is what the Iowa state law honors. Simply put, Vandusen does owe the child financial support as the father, whether he likes it or not.

“I explained to her this is not my child,” said Vandusen. “I’m willing to do a paternity test to prove that I’m not the father.”

However, in an interview with a local news source, the Department of Human Resources in Iowa considered him as the “legal” father of the child.

Vandusen reacted, “I think it’s wrong, it shows Iowa needs to change their laws.”

While Vandusen wants to fight for his right, the issue has to be settled in court. He is no shape to handle court fees after being recently laid off. A retainer fee worth $2,000 is too much for the man who’s already raising four children with his current girlfriend.

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