Little Girl’s Arm Gets Caught In The School Bus Door! But The Driver Didn’t Notice!


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A little girl from North Carolina met a horrible accident while going down the school bus. The careless bus driver failed to see the girl’s arm was caught in the door. It was only after driving a mile that he noticed something terrible had happened.

In December of last year, 6-year-old Chelsea Klepzig found herself in a frightening incident after she was dragged dangerously on the side of the bus for almost a mile. Chelsea, a first-grader from Union Cross Elementary, was going down the school bus when the door caught her arm. Reuben Kelby Hash Jr., the 78-year-old driver, didn’t realize that he closed the door too early and failed to check what happened.

Chelsea’s grandmother saw the terrible predicament the child was in. Estrella Klepzig was at the bus stop to wait for Chelsea and she drove to follow the bus while her granddaughter was dragged to the next station.

In an interview with a news source, Estrella said about the bus driver, “I had to follow him. I kept flashing him to stop, stop because I didn’t see her feet anymore.” She added, “[He] didn’t even give her a chance to move. She was still in the door.”

The bus pulled over at the next stop and Chelsea fell on the ground when the doors opened. Incredibly, she was able to cling to the door for her life and escaped with minor injuries.

Her sneakers, though, were ripped apart after getting dragged. The school officials said in a statement that they’re “so thankful the student is OK and it was not worse.”

The following Monday after the incident, Chelsea was able to return to school. Meanwhile, the driver was immediately suspended without pay. He pleaded guilty of reckless driving that almost resulted in a serious accident and finally filed his resignation to prevent further incidents.

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