“Lighten” Up! The Best Free (or Cheap) Weight Loss Programs

Like most people, one of your goals is to probably lose weight in the New Year; but lightening up can be costly and frustrating. Just know that you don’t have to give up on your goal. There are many free or cheap weight loss programs for you to take advantage of. Learn how you can lose some weight but not burden your budget.

Biggest Loser Approach

Let the popular weight loss reality TV show inspire you. Gather a group of co-workers together (you need at least 10) and ask one person who is not participating to be the weight keeper. Have everyone throw in $25 to join (or less if you are on a super budget). Each week on the same day, for six weeks; weigh in. If your weight goes up, you have to throw a dollar (or any other decided amount) into the pot. If you stay the same weight or lose weight, you pay nothing. At the end of six weeks, the person who lost the most weight takes the money and gets to buy new clothes or treat themselves to something special! This is a great way to get motivated and it encourages some friendly competition without spending big bucks.

Pinterest Pins

Who said you have to spend hundreds consulting with a dietician? You can be the boss of what you put in your body. You simply have to educate yourself on how to eat. Take advantage of the many “pins” that you can scan on Pinterest that have to do with weight loss and eating right. Search the site for food that will help you lose weight but are also inexpensive. It will help you when you are at the grocery store and are faced with lots of decision making!


Diet Journal (get it free here)

One free way to lose weight is to keep track of what you are eating by using a diet journal. There are many sites that allow you to utilize theirs for free and you will be able to have a visual of the calories you are consuming and will hold yourself accountable each and every day.

Follow an Exercise Plan (Download here)

You don’t need a personal trainer to lose weight. You know that true weight loss occurs when fewer calories are consumed and those calories are taken back out through exercise. Devise your own exercise routine based on your own exercise preferences. If you enjoy running, follow a running exercise plan. On Mondays and Wednesdays you can do a short run. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can walk. On Saturdays you can do a long run. On Sunday, you can do sprints. There are many free online exercise plans that are already designed for you and all you have to do is implement them!


If you want to lose some pounds but not spend a lot of money; consider some of these free or cheap exercise options!

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