Learning A Second Language Is EASY…As Long As It’s ANY Language But English! This Poem Is Ridiculous! Can You Get Through It Without Messing Up?!

Alright, so I will admit that English was always my favorite class in school. I loved reading, I loved the stories, and above everything else, I loved writing (surprise, surprise!) about anything and everything! The hardest part about this class was the spelling and grammar parts. Memorizing vocabulary words could sometimes be a complicated maze of mispronunciations and confusion. Words aren’t pronounced the same as they are spelled, and depending on how you use the word, it can change the meaning instantly! Learning English is one of the hardest things…even for people who already speak the language!

Do you have what it takes to get through this poem without stumbling? It’s hard, I will admit! See if you can do it!


Goodness! I tip my hat to the author of this masterpiece! English grammar can be a pain to learn, but once you master it, this poem becomes a hilarious way to test your skills! I had a little trouble figuring out a few of these words because I had never heard them before! Did you know that “gunwhale” is the upper part of a ship and is pronounced as “gunnel?” Me, either! You learn something new every day! Like and share this with your friends and see who can get through this awesome poem!

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