Kids Sit On THIS Green Bench When They’re Feeling Lonely. You Will LOVE This Great Idea!


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While most kids have tons of excitement and energy, this is not usually the case in school. Some become shy and timid when other kids are around because they will eventually express other emotions.

That’s why a school in Canada has thought of a clever idea called “Buddy Bench.” Instead of feeling left out, any kid can sit on this cool bench and have someone to talk to.

“If you can’t find your best friends, and you don’t know where to go play, you sit on the buddy bench, and somebody will come and find you,” explains Matthew Henkelman, a 7-year-old student at Saskatoon’s Willowgrove School.

Little kids coping with their changing world can get distracted easily and think of different things. They have a hard time making new friends when they can’t see anyone they can relate to. The buddy bench gives the opportunity for kids to make new friends.

One female student said, “You can find friends easily when you’re lonely and you don’t have anyone to play with at recess.”

“Since we installed them, before I seen [sic] people walking around by themselves and since we got these I seen a lot more people with friends to play with,” another student added.

The buddy bench is one way of finally defeating bullying in schools. All students can finally talk to each other and finally feel confident in the presence of new ones.

A shy child will look forward to seeing new friends at school and the pressure of sharing ideas will no longer matter.

Other schools who have heard of this brilliant idea have already picked up its amazing impact on students. In Northern Vancouver’s Brockton School, their buddy bench has the colors of the rainbow. It’s one way to show that the energy and happiness of kids can be the solution against bullying in school.

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