Keep Your Laundry Softer For Less!

We have all experienced that one load of laundry after running out of fabric softener. It’s 10pm, you really need your uniform for work, but there’s not a dryer sheet to be found! You just have to bear the itchiness and stiffness of the cotton and remember to buy some later. What if I told you that you could make your own dryer sheet for a lot less?

In fact, there are several ways that you can soften your laundry on a budget!

Using Vinegar


I love using vinegar as a laundry softener. It removes soap residue after a wash cycle while it’s still in the washing machine, and in the dryer it reduces static electricity – plus, it’s natural! All you need to do is add around 1/4 cup of vinegar to the softener dispenser in your washing machine! It works exactly the same way, but also has the added bonus of being antibacterial.

You can add 30-40 drops of essential oils to a gallon of vinegar to make a premixed solution that’s ready to use whenever you are! Lavender, orange, lemon, or peppermint are all beneficial to your wash and dry cycles because they also have antibacterial properties.

While you won’t be able to smell the oils on dried clothes, I like to add them because I like the smell. Yes, they have good properties like brightening laundry and fighting stains, but I just like the smell. It makes doing laundry a little less tedious.

Once the clothes are dried, they won’t smell like anything. They won’t smell like vinegar (thank goodness) but they also won’t smell like the essential oils, either.

DIY Dryer Sheets

laundry squares

I happen to be allergic to commercial fabric softeners, but I still enjoy taking my clothes out of the dryer and having them smell like a field of daisies. Since they have so many different ingredients, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which chemical was giving my skin such a hard time. One day, while looking at the back of a bottle of fabric softener, I realized I was crazy to be sifting through all of these chemical components trying to find the one that was hurting me.

This was the day that I started experimenting with different DIY fabric softeners.

To add a nice scent to my laundry, cut regular t-shirt cloth into squares about 6 inches wide and add 4-5 drops of essential oil to the cloth. Toss it in the dryer during the next load! I reuse them and wash them after each load. (Just toss the square back in the laundry basket!)

In order to get rid of the static cling, toss a crumpled ball of aluminum foil into the dryer along with damp clothes. It gets rid of static cling almost completely and will last a really long time in the dryer. You don’t even need to take it out!

Wool Dryer Balls

laundry Felted-Wool-Dryer-BallsThese are not only precious, they actually work! You need 100% wool yarn, panty hose, and dental floss to make this work.

Basically, you are turning this wool yarn into felt dryer balls. That’s it! If you’d rather not toss in a ball of aluminum foil or a tennis ball, this is a great alternative and will greatly reduce the static cling coming from fresh laundry.

Find the tutorial here.


DIY Natural Fabric Softener

If you’ve tried the vinegar, the essential oils, the dryer balls, and still don’t like the results, you can, in fact, make your own fabric softener using a nontoxic conditioner, white vinegar, and water. Use 2 cups of conditioner, 3 cups of white vinegar, and dilute it all with 6 cups of water. You can keep your mixture in a 1 gallon container and use it as a normal fabric softener! Add essential oils to create a unique scent for your laundry. Easy!

There are many ways to launder your clothing without having to spend a lot on commercial detergent and fabric softener. Find a combination that works for you!





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