Hallmark Channel ‘Very Merry’ Sweepstakes (807 Winners!)

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Enter for a chance to win the Hallmark Channel ‘Very Merry’ Sweepstakes!

Click the link below, then follow and complete the steps to enter. Ends on December 27th, 2020


23-Oct: Hallmark Channel Movie Watch Kit (2 Winners, ARV: $161.92)
24-Oct: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Book (10 winners, ARV: $28.00)
25-Oct: Chapter 1 Excerpt of Christmas Charms (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
26-Oct: Chocolate Giftset (1 Winner, ARV: $200)
27-Oct: Wines That Rock Joy Guitars & Wine Vouchers (1 winner, ARV: $690.00)
28-Oct: Republic of Tea Advent Calendars (5 winners, ARV: $24.00)
29-Oct: Hallmark Movies Now Annual Subscriptions (25 winners, ARV: $119.98)
30-Oct: Dayspring Geometric Prize Pack (1 winner, ARV: $306.00)
31-Oct: Hallmark Channel Tote bag & T-Shirt Set (5 winners, ARV: $99.96)
1-Nov: Fab Fit Fun Box (5 winners, ARV: $99.98)
2-Nov: Shutterfly Giftcards- Presented by ValPak (5 winners, ARV: $1,000.00)
3-Nov: Little Free Library Giveaway (2 winners, ARV: $700.00)
4-Nov: Drybar Mix and Mingle Styling Kit (5 winners, $398.00)
5-Nov – Cariloha Classic Bedding Suite (1 Winner, ARV: $6,000.00)
6-Nov: McCormick® Stock-the-Pantry Baking Collection (1 winner, ARV: $129.90)
7-Nov – HC Ugly Sweater & Beanie Combo (10 winners, $159.96)
8-Nov: HC Monopoly (20 winners, ARV: $38.00)
9-Nov: Hallmark All Occasion Cards with Card Organizer (1 Winner, ARV: $59.98)
10-Nov Vintage Popcorn Maker (5 winners, ARV: $88.92)
11-Nov: Hallmark Channel Snowman Keepsake Ornament (500 winners, ARV: $31.98)
12-Nov: Crayola Very Merry Giftset (1 winner, ARV: $200.00)
13-Nov: Chocolate Giftset (1 Winner, ARV: $200)
14-Nov: Sneak Peak: Christmas in Vienna (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
15-Nov Hallmark Channel Fuzzy Socks (5 winners, ARV: $29.98)
16-Nov: Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™ (5 winners, ARV: $109.94)
17-Nov: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Very Merry Giveaway (1 winner, ARV: $112.00)
18-Nov: Hallmark Channel Pillow Set (2 winners, ARV: $129.96)
19-Nov: Sam’s Club Giftcards- Presented by ValPak (5 winners, ARV: $1,000.00)
20-Nov: Hallmark Publishing “Wrapped in Christmas Joy” Signed Book (10 winners, ARV: $31.98)
21-Nov: Sneak Peak: Nashville Christmas Carol (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
22-Nov: Light-Up Gingerbread House (1 winner, ARV: $313.98)
23-Nov: Drinkworks: The Drinkmaker (1 winner, ARV: $598.00)
24-Nov: Sneak Peak: A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
25-Nov: Hallmark Channel Dear Santa Decorative Sleigh (5 winners, ARV: $69.98)
26-Nov: Hallmark Channel Movie Marathon Blanket (5 winners, ARV: $59.98)
27-Nov: Wines That Rock Jingle Guitars & Wine Vouchers (1 winner, ARV: $690.00)
28-Nov: Hallmark Channel Flower Subscription (1 winner, ARV: $278.00)
29-Nov: Sneak Peak: If I Only Had Christmas (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
30-Nov: Hallmark Channel Sweater & Ankle Socks Set (7 winners, ARV: $99.96)
1-Dec: Dayspring Hallmark Movie Prize Pack (1 Winner, ARV: $274)
2-Dec: Lean Cuisine: 1 Month Free of Lean Cuisine Entrees (5 winners, ARV: $200.00)
3-Dec: Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep (5 winners, ARV: $119.94)
4-Dec: Hallmark Christmas in Evergreen Merch (1 winner, ARV: $157.92)
5-Dec: Sneak Peak: Christmas in Evergreen (Prize for All, ARV: N/A)
6-Dec: Hallmark Channel 2-pack Wine Tumbler Set (10 winners, ARV: $39.98)
7-Dec: Rubbermaid® Brilliance® Pantry (5 winners, ARV: $119.98)
8-Dec: SiriusXM Service Cards (25 winners, ARV: $100.00)
9-Dec: Chocolate Giftset (1 Winner, ARV: $200)
10-Dec: Hallmark Channel Slippers (5 winners, ARV: $25.98)
11-Dec: McCormick® Stock-the-Pantry Baking Collection (1 winner, ARV: $129.90)
12-Dec: Hallmark Channel 2-pack Wine Glass Set (10 winners, ARV: $39.98)
13-Dec: Hallmark Chanel Tea Towel (10 winners, ARV: $25.98)
14-Dec: Hallmark Channel Puzzle (5 winners, ARV: $39.98)
15-Dec: Hallmark Publishing Book Bundle (1 winner, ARV: $371.76)
16-Dec: Hallmark Gift Wrap Kit (1 winner, ARV: $56.84)
17-Dec: Rubbermaid® Brilliance® Glass (5 winners, ARV: $109.96)
18-Dec: Chocolate Giftset (1 Winner, ARV: $200)
19-Dec: Very Merry Carousel (1 winner, ARV: $179.98)
20-Dec: Hallmark Channel #1 Fan Sweatshirt (10 winners, ARV: $79.98)
21-Dec: Hallmark Flower Happy Hearts Plant (1 winner, ARV: $90.00);
22-Dec: Hallmark Channel Branded Candle (10 winners, ARV: $79.00)
23-Dec: Republic of Tea 2-pack (12 winners, ARV: $24.76)
24-Dec: Hallmark Channel Fan Pack (1 winner, ARV: $125.92)
25-Dec: HC Monopoly (20 winners, ARV: $38.00)
26-Dec: Hallmark Channel DVD Set (1 winner, ARV: $180.00)
27-Dec: Hallmark Channel Serving Set (2 winners, ARV: $95.96)

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