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Is your financial situation upside down?  Whether you could have lost your job, been bankrupted, or are in need of extra cash to support your business or your loved one’s medical bills—finding a resource to support your financial need is no longer a hassle. will provide you with resources to guide you and help you find relief that matches your situation!

About is an informative, independent website, designed to educate people on the thousands of opportunities that exist. They are providing financial help to people. You may eligible for grant money that you may never have to repay. Also, they can help those who qualify to pay for education, start a business, or help with bills.

What Are The Types Of Grants You Can Get?

Housing Grants– Grants may be available from the government to help subsidize or pay for all of your education, depending on your qualifications.

Help with Jobs- There is financial help for those who are unemployed to help them get back on their feet.

Grants for Women & Minorities- There are grants specifically catered to the needs of women.

Grants for Veterans- There are particular benefits for veterans that have served our country.

Utility Grants- There is temporary assistance to pay some of your everyday bills, such as your rent payments, food, childcare, and more.

College Grants– An educational grant is a free money from either a public or private source that can be used for college expenses.

What are the Basic Requirements To Receive Financial Assistance?

  • Your income must be within the percentage of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify
  • Your ability to be able to “get back on your feet” and pay your bills after you’ve been given the assistance (this varies from program to program).
  • You must be able to prove that you have been affected by the current disaster.

Who are Eligible to Apply?

Eligibility requirements are simple:

  • You MUST be experiencing financial hardship
  • You MUST be a resident of the United States

How to sign-up?

  • Find the website
  • Tell them, what assistance are you looking for?
  • Next, enter your address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and gender, and continue.
  • Please answer a few questions to complete and get assistance.

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