Genius Puppy Takes a Bath Every Single Day Completely on His Own

Dog owners know how pets can give a hard time during bath time. What’s crazier is they’ll suddenly see these canines get dirty after being perfectly clean.

Would you believe there’s a pup that can take a bath all by himself?

Brady, an adorable Golden Retriever, hits the shower with no assistance from his owner. In this uber adorable video, you’ll see how the genius puppy steps in and climbs out of the tub.

If you think Brady’s done, he then takes a towel, wraps his body, and dries up. For a four-month-old pooch, this one is incredibly smart.

Brady’s owner said that the pup does this routine every single day. Some of the family members and house guests even get a surprise when he suddenly steps in the shower. For all we know, Brady might be thinking that it’s his own bathroom.

Surely enough, the dog’s perfect hygiene surely leaves a lot of pet owners really jealous.

One YouTube user commented, “I can’t stop watching this! So cute!!!!!” And another said, “very few things make me happy. this is incredible haha!”

After such relaxing bath, where does Brady go? He jumps on his doggie bed and takes a nap.

Who here thinks it’s time for Brady to get his own room? Kidding aside, the video is so adorable it’s almost reached 500k views.



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