Fun And Festive Activities To Do This 4th Of July (That DON’T Involve Fireworks!)

Not everyone can have fireworks where they live due to drought, city laws, or concerns for safety. It’s still nice to celebrate this festive and patriotic holiday even if you can’t have fireworks, so let’s take a look at some creative and fun ways to celebrate this 4th of July! Throw the best party that you can on a small budget – a lot of these activities are nearly free!


These pinata balloons are simple to make and can be filled with anything that you want! Red, white, and blue candies, beaded necklaces, confetti (preferably biodegradable), small toys, or coins can be funneled into these balloons fairly easily before you blow them up. You can use the large opening of a bottle if you can’t find a large enough funnel – just be careful not to tear the balloon! These are great alternatives to fireworks because they will also make that loud “POP!” when they have burst.


Let the kids beat the heat with this economical and environmentally friendly alternative to water balloons. When my kids have water balloon fights, I find stray pieces of ripped balloon shreds all over the yard for weeks to come (even if I make them search for 10 minutes after a fight) and it’s a huge hassle. This way, you can actually reuse the “water balloons” and still have fun until everyone tires themselves out!


Ready for sprinkler games? The kids won’t even remember the fireworks if they are dodging sponge bombs and a homemade sprinkler! Securely attach a water bottle to the end of a hose with tape and poke a lot of small holes into the bottle. This will create either a stationary sprinkler or a hilarious weapon! Try it out for yourself. Bonus points if you have more than one hose.


A real pinata is a good way to bring the night to a close! Either make one yourself with festive colors, or buy one and paint it if you can’t find the right shades of justice red, victory blue, and freedom white. Fill it to the brim with candies and toys! (Coins and dollars for older kids!)




If your party will last until after dark, you can buy red and blue glow sticks! They do sell white, but those are fairly rare. Create fun hide and seek games, start a game of tag, or just run around until the glow wears out. It’s fun for all and all for fun!




Patriotic bubble wands! Need I say more? While the bubbles obviously won’t hold the shapes of stars or fireworks, it will tie in the festive season rather well, I think. You can buy these at a local craft store or make them yourself using wire tools and old coat hangers. Bubbles instantly make any party more fun! Make a homemade bubble solution with dish soap and water, or buy a large container for about $10 and skip the hassle. Be the star of 4th of July this year.

So many fun activities and so little time! See how many of these fun activities you like! The weather is sure to be gorgeous so have a few of these on hand just in case fireworks don’t work out this year. Celebrate in style and keep the spirit alive with healthy and safe alternatives to fireworks.

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