DIY Dog Toys To Keep Your Dogs Entertained

If your dogs go through chew toys like candy and always manage to find the chewiest part of your shoes, consider making a few dog toys at home. While commercial dog toys may come at a high price (only to be destroyed a day later) it’s just as easy to make your lovable pup a few that are made from things you might have lying around the house.

6.1d1. A Bottle Inside Of A T-Shirt

Any kind of bottle. My dogs prefer water bottles because of the noise they make, but any empty bottle will do. Make sure you’ve rinsed it out, first! The crinkly sounds from the bottle and the inability to easily puncture/rip the plastic apart will keep your dog from tearing the toy to shreds. If your dog shreds the t-shirt, just make sure to pick up any stray parts so that nothing gets swallowed.

6.1e2. A T-Shirt Rope

A rope made out of an old T-Shirt (preferably unwashed, says Rover) is perfect for a dog that loves to chew! It’s braided, knotted, and if you make it long enough it can be thrown or used as a tug-of-war toy. You can tuck treats in between the braids, but expect this toy to be destroyed much quicker if you do.

My pup loves the color red, so anytime I see a red T-Shirt on sale for cheap, I buy it and make tug toys! She loves them, but she unravels the braids within a few days. I now make them and only let her play when we’re outside at the park. She loves fetch, so playing with her favorite color makes play time more exciting!

6.1f3. Treat Toy For Smaller Dogs

This toy is braided rope surrounded by dried sweet potatoes! A healthy treat for doggies! If your dog loves to chew, this is a great treat toy to keep them occupied when guests are over, or they just need a distraction. Some larger dogs may chew through these toys in less than an hour, but my small pup gnawed on this treat for 2 days until it was gone.

This may not work for larger, stronger dogs because the sweet potato is easier for them to chomp in half and eat. Always watch for large pieces, too. You don’t want pup to choke!

6.1g4. Heavy-Duty Rope Chew

Will Fido gnaw through plastic toys like they were made of soft dough? Try this instead; it might work! Using complicated knots and a tough rope, this toy won’t be destroyed so easily! Use it as a tossing toy or make two loops for a tug toy.


6.1h5. Ball & Tug Toy

T-Shirts seem tot be the go-to item when making dog toys. I made this same toy but used an old pair of jeans, instead. The T-Shirt shredded too easily and the ball came out with almost no effort from my chomping chewer. The jeans method was a bit more tricky, but the bouncing, swinging “tentacles” made this toy look like a tiny blue octopus bouncing around my yard!

Penn Valley Dog Park - Milk Jug Fun6. A Milk Jug

That’s it.

My dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to milk jugs. The day it runs out, they are waiting in the kitchen for me to rinse out a jug and toss it into the yard. A milk jug is their favorite toy, by far. Chewing it, shaking it, tugging on it, and barking at it until it’s in a million pieces is their favorite past time.

Always watch over your dogs while they play with chew toys! Make sure they don’t choke or swallow small pieces, and always take up a toy when it becomes too destroyed.

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