Couple Sent THIS To A Guest Who Couldn’t Make It To Their Wedding! The Facebook Comments Are HILARIOUS!

Jessica Baker was planning to attend a wedding with her husband one weekend, but the wedding specifically mentioned that children were not allowed. That meant that they needed to hire a babysitter! After searching around, the only person who could watch the kids was Jessica’s mom. Unfortunately, Jessica’s mom was unable to help out as she had first planned, and that meant that Jessica and her husband could no longer attend the wedding. It was already a few hours before the wedding – there was no helping it! Well, things happen…right?


Apparently, this bride didn’t understand that no-shows are a common hazard when throwing an expensive wedding! It’s such a common issue, that wedding planners actually include up to a 10% no-show rate in their predictions! There is no way that this bride could have gone through months of planning with no one telling her about this. She took it into her own hands and sent the couple a physical BILL in the mail! Ridiculous! Did this bride really expect a text 30 minutes before the ceremony? Well, apparently she did.

Jessica sent this copy to her local news station just for laughs – she left out the bride’s name, of course – and they posted it to their Facebook page. The comments are almost as funny as the story itself!! How would YOU have replied to this “invoice?” I dare say that I would simply ignore it and probably avoid speaking to this newlywed couple for as long as possible…10.9b

It seems this bride got a wake up call thanks to social media, but this behavior is becoming more and more common! Parents are sending out bills to people who don’t attend their children’s birthday parties, couples sending invoices to missed events…when does it end?

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