Cops See Kids Screaming ‘Help Us!’ In Toys ‘R’ Us Parking Lot, But What Is Mom Doing?


It goes without saying that the custody of a child is entrusted to parents until the child reaches a certain age. If the parents fail to keep a child safe, the authorities will have to act on it quickly. Unfortunately for this mother from Oklahoma City, her erratic actions in public were a dead giveaway and she is facing the same exact situation.

A trip to Toys “R” Us would have been a fun day for 31-year-old Maria Todd and her two kids. Instead, she had her kids screaming in horror inside her car. Fortunately, the officers went for a look, and then found something fishy happening in the parking lot.

According to local news reports, the 31-year-old Todd caught the attention of the cops after her vehicle, a 2014 Mazda SUV, was moving erratically on the parking lot of the said store. The vehicle was described to start and stop continuously while the wipers on the windshield moved rapidly although it wasn’t raining that day.

As soon as the officers spotted the car, they moved closer and saw a terrifying sight. Todd’s two children were inside the vehicle and they screamed: “Help us!” The cops approached the driver seat and found the terrible mother slumped on the car’s center console.

Todd soon noticed the officers and tried to straighten up, but it was too obvious that she was intoxicated and in no way able to control the steering wheel. She spoke to one of them and the strong odor of her breath was a dead giveaway. Aside from that, she declined a sobriety test.

The reckless mother was eventually arrested while her husband picked up the young kids ages 2 and 4. She was brought o the Oklahoma County Jail and was charged with driving under the influence and two counts of child endangerment, a felony offense.

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