Cop Gives Toddler a Ticket and the Kid is Thrilled…

Law enforcers have a bad reputation in the eyes of many. They carry this image of cruelty that’s always linked to anyone in authority. Just take the photo below as an example. The cop is handing a ticket to a toddler after his traffic violation. He could have at least given him a stern warning, right? Now the kid has to pay the minimum fine of $25.


Now before you get upset, this is a set-up for young Declan Tramley. His father and an officer from the Halifax Regional Police planned the entire thing. The boy loves to see cops in action and his dad thought that it was the best way to let him interact with one.

Fortunately, Cst. Shawn Currie was game to give a “fake ticket” to the young biker who parked his plastic motorbike in a no-parking zone. Aside from giving the kid a fun time, it was also one way of teaching him some of the traffic rules he’ll eventually encounter when he grows up.

His mom, Lisa, said that Declan was so happy to receive the ticket that he even keeps it beside him in bed. Only time will tell if this young man will still like getting tickets as soon as he learns how to ride a real motorcycle but, for now, he can tell everyone about this one-of-a-kind encounter with a cop.

The image has been shared thousands of times and has quickly gone viral. The Halifax Police Department even shared it on its Facebook page with the caption, “Remember, no motorcycle by the circle in the ferry terminal. This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!

This effort can show a lighter side of the authorities in spite of the bad press they are receiving. They are humans, after all, and even they deserve a little break.

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