Boy Is Offered A “Push Pop” By Fellow Classmates…But These Guys Are Bullies!


A disturbing reality that still haunts schools today is the prevalence of bullying. Awareness campaigns have spread throughout the country, but incidents still occur in different areas. In the following story, bullies from the McCord Road Junior High School are currently under investigation after violating the Safe Schools Act.

According to a report, a shocking incident happened when a teenager was tricked into licking a ‘Push Pop’ that was rubbed onto a filthy surface. Now the police are on the move to pin down the young culprits.

The incident started when 14-year-old Isaiah was simply enjoying a girl’s basketball game. The bullies allegedly handed him a push pop candy and forced him to lick it. The candy was said to have been rubbed on a urinal.

Joni Meyer-Crothers, Isaiah’s mom, said, “The boys had rubbed the push pop in the urinal and had Isaiah lick it.” During an interview with the local news source, she added, “First of all, how degrading is that to think that your kid went through that. And how degrading is that for him to have to call the pediatrician to get a ton of testing to make sure he doesn’t pick up any diseases.”

Isaiah is suffering from a mental condition and he just wants to fit in at school. He thought the boys who bullied him were his friends.

Meyer-Crothers went on and said, “I think what hurts me more than anything is they did it in front of 30 of his peers and that nobody felt the need to go and tell somebody.” She only knew about what happened when two girls told the school officials about it. These girls weren’t even there when Isaiah was forced to lick the push pop.

The angered mom is now hoping that the help of the police will hold the bullies accountable and end the bullying at the school in the future.

Isaiah also spoke about what happened and mentioned, “I’m hoping this bullying stops throughout the school system and we can all be friends and it can go away and everybody can stick up for each other.”

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