Bob Tries To Influence His Supervisor’s Recommendation Letter…But This Supervisor Knew EXACTLY How To Deal With A Lazy Employee!

If you’ve never written a recommendation letter before, it can be tough if the subject is less than an ideal candidate. Letters like these are supposed to highlight a person’s skills, attitude, and overall ability to function in their chosen field. These letters might point out areas that the candidate has been focusing on improving, but the outcome is meant to be a positive reflection of who the person has become during the time that they have had together. As a personal or professional reference, these letters can sometimes hold a lot of sway with future employers, so it is important for them to be as truthful as possible…in cases like this, however…


Personally, whenever an employee or student asked me for a recommendation letter, I would decline to write one if I had nothing positive to say about them! I don’t want to waste anyone’s time; I don’t want to lie and put my reputation on the line; and above all else, I don’t want to pass on a troublesome individual onto an unsuspecting company. It sounds harsh, but that is the entire point of recommendation letters, isn’t it? What would you have done in this situation? Would you have been sneaky about it, or would you have simply declined to write the letter?

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