Baylor Mom’s Babysitter Cancels Right Before Class. Her Professor Found A Brilliant Way To Help


If you think college is hard, try being a student and a mother at the same time. That’s the challenging life of Katy Humphrey, a student at Baylor University.

Humphrey juggles her time between classes and her child. Just recently, the mom hit a tough spot when the babysitter cancelled for a week. Left without a choice, she brought her baby to school. That’s when she found an unexpected babysitter.

A determined student and a loving mother, Humphrey will do everything she can to get a degree and take care of Millie, her 4-month-old kid.

Humphrey was taken aback when her babysitter cancelled a week’s schedule and left her scrambling for help. The only option left for this mother was to bring her child to class.

Dr. Darryn Willoughby, one of Humphrey’s professors, saw the mother walk into the room and immediately welcomed them in class. Willoughby was so delighted of Millie and thought that the child was so adorable. The funny thing was the baby didn’t seem to be impressed by Willoughby.

In an interview with local radio, Willoughby said, “Within the first five minutes Millie got fussy. So I just went over, picked her up, carried her back, and went right back to lecturing without missing a beat.”

For a 55-minute duration, Willoughby walked around the classroom with little Millie safe around his arms. The incredible professor did this so casually like any other day at work.

Humphrey recalled, “He toted her around like a football and (she) was totally content the whole time.”

A proud mother, Humphrey is full of happiness after how Willoughby treated her kid with love and care. After all, Willoughby is not your ordinary professor because he’s also a professional body builder. He also insisted that he’s just doing his job. He insisted, “I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable [about having Millie in class] because there was nothing to feel uncomfortable about.”

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