Baby Caught On Camera Stealing Candy Gets ARRESTED…Is This A Joke?


True friends are those who would stick with you in times of trouble. With just one cry for help, they will be there for you faster than a speeding train. Well, in the case of these two best friends, a made-up story on the phone ensued into a truly hilarious situation.

Lauren Clarke, a 22-year-old mother in the UK, tricked her best friend Vikki Summerfield into thinking that her 16-month-old daughter Madison was arrested by the cops. The reason for the arrest was the baby had “stolen” some candy and she was caught on tape.

This all started when Clarke sent photos of Madison inside her car. Along with the photos came messages that said, “Madison took a chocolate bar off the shelf” and “They caught her on CCTV.” She sent these over the messaging service called WhatsApp.

A baffled Summerfield replied, “How can they arrest a f***ing baby!!!”

Check out how this story took a funny turn through the screencap Clarke took below:


The prankster mom posted it on her Facebook page. She didn’t realize that it would gain so much attention. In just a few days, it has reached 9,000 shares.

In an interview with local news, Clarke said, “It was just a joke. What happened was my mum and dad picked us up and as we were driving down Moss Lane in Timperley the car broke down and started to smoke … A police car that was passing stopped and pulled over to try and help my dad push the car out of the road and offered to take us home.”

The gullible Summerfield had the priceless reaction of all time. While some of the people that have seen the post called her “daft” for completely believing the story, she simply said that the story is downright hysterical.

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