Accepting A Stranger’s Friend Request Can Have Terrifying Consequences, As This Mom Learned The Hard Way. This Is Sickening.

The creation of the internet gave us a brand new way to connect and interact with the world around us. The internet has made it so that you don’t ever actually need to leave your house. You can order your groceries, pay your bills, and talk to your friends without every stepping foot outside of your front door. Businesses boomed by going “paperless” and conducting meetings face-to-face across continents saving millions of dollars on air fare and accommodations. This amazing technology also became a breeding ground for criminals. Conducting their shady plans had never been so easy! They could plan and scheme and exchange money without leaving their homes, and they quickly learned to take advantage of people who didn’t pay as much attention to their personal information as they should have…for this mother, social media became her nightmare. 9.15b 9.15c Stay vigilant and smart. Keep your profiles set to private, sit down with your kids and talk to them about the dangers of communicating with people they have never met, and take precautions when adding people to your social circles! If you haven’t met them in person, don’t add them! You never know who they might be or what they might be up to. It’s better to be safe than to find your child missing one day from school. Images via, via



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