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Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion. is a digital education platform designed for kids around 2-8 years old. This program helps children to learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals, and even about the planets through its hundreds of fun interactive games and activities!

Know about English Learning Academy!

  • Early Learning Academy offers a research-validated curriculum for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade with more than 10,000 individual Learning Activities and more than 850 complete lessons along their Step-by-Step Learning Path
  • Helps children ages 3–8 learn English in a developmentally appropriate immersive English language environment.
  • Teaches children to understand and say more than 2,000 English words and phrases.
  • Offers more than 5,000 interactive English learning activities including games, songs, puzzles, art activities, and books, organized into hundreds of lessons and a structured learning path.

What are the subjects offered by

Reading and Language Arts

The Reading Curriculum Includes:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • Phonics
  • Rhyming words and word families
  • More than 450 books and beginning readers
  • Sentence structure
  • Parts of speech


The Math Curriculum Includes:

  • Recognizing and counting numbers 1–120
  • The base-ten system
  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Names and attributes of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Length, time, and money measurement

The World Around Us 

The Science and Social Studies Curriculum Includes:

  • The body and health
  • Plants and animals
  • Weather, climate, and the seasons
  • Earth’s environments
  • Maps
  • Regions of the United States
  • The Solar System
  • Matter and its properties

Art & Colors 

The Art & Colors Curriculum Includes:

  • Primary and secondary colors
  • Shades of colors
  • Paint-by-number activities
  • Number and letter dot-to-dots

Progress Tracking – You can track your child’s progress with Progress Tracker

Tickets & Rewards – They offer rewarding tickets to encourage children to complete learning activities

Customizable Avatar – Your child can customize the avatar that best represents him/her

Interactive Zoo – Allows children to interact with realistic zoo animals

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