A Teenage Boy Was Ready For His First Car…His Father Set THESE 3 Conditions. HILARIOUS!

When did you get your first car? Were you lucky enough to have parents that could buy you a brand new one, or did you get “old faithful” when your turn came? Did you work for three summers straight just to make a down payment, or did someone give you their old one out of good will? Perhaps you were like me and only gained privileges to drive the family car after asking permission and confirming where you were going and what time you would be home. It’s a huge responsibility, and now as a parent, I recognize the massive amount of trust that my family put in me not only to keep myself safe, but to keep others safe as well. Here’s how THIS father decided to set ground rules for use of the family car, and in the funniest way!


Oh! This poor kid! He thought he was being clever by using his father’s instructions against him, but I can see where this kid inherited his wits from! I haven’t needed to have this discussion yet in my house, but when the time comes, I hope I can handle it as gracefully as this dad did! Like and share this story with your friends! Funny!

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