A Local Mom Saves $9.18 At The Mall; Spends $137.82!

A Local Mom Saves $9.18 At The Mall; Spends $137.82!

Several anonymous reports from a local neighborhood playgroup have confirmed that Angela Smith (name changed for privacy) was able to save nearly $10.00 this weekend after shopping for children’s clothes.

An ad in her weekly newspaper advertised that there would be a sale on jeans for kids, so she packed up her two children into her 7 seat van and headed to the mall that was only an hour and a half drive from her small suburban home in a nice neighborhood. “We have a lake with a fountain, and sometimes there are ducks!” she told a local news reporter.

When she arrived at the mall, there were only 7 pairs of kid’s jeans left on the table. “None of these sizes fit my kids! I asked the sales clerk how they could run out when they were having a sale, but she couldn’t give me a straight answer.” Smith reported.

Instead of feeling cheated, she decided to take a look around the mall and found new sheets for her bed, matching t-shirts for her children, and a ton of free perfume samples. “They were all on sale!” Smith said.

It feels good to save money, especially when times are tight. “That $10 can now be used towards our weekend fun! We can buy a movie ticket with those savings.” Smith explained.

When you’re looking for a good deal, try and get the most out of the sale – it’ll really help you out in the long run. Just look at Angela and her successful shopping trip!

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