9 Ways to Beat Procrastination. Read this TODAY! Not Tomorrow!

Get things done today! Yes, it’s so easy to say these words, but frankly there are a lot of things that go into them. Now and then, you feel the pressure weighing down on your shoulders, and everyone goes through the same feeling. What makes the difference is following certain steps to get you moving.

1. Kickstart the change
It’s tough to get your mind and body going when you’re in front of the TV or laptop all day. Kickstart the change with some simple stretching or jogging exercises until you feel energized.

reminders2. Follow reminders
What’s on the list for today? A set of daily or hourly reminders will tell you exactly what you have to accomplish. Motivational quotes beside these will boost you to push through.




3. Find an inspiration
Back when you were a kid, you always look up to somebody. The same idea goes when you have an inspiration. He/she can be a successful figure in your field or a close friend who can remind you of your goals.

4. Express your creativity
Amid all the stresses at work, you have to find a way to express your creativity. It can be through pictures, words, or even codes that made your day special. The mood you create will keep your mind active.

5. Sleep early
No matter how you prepare your mind for work, the body has to follow. Energize and recharge at night, so you can work at full speed in the morning.

6. Wake up early
After a good night’s rest, it’s important to ease yourself into the day while the world is still quiet and peaceful. Wake up early to see the tasks ahead and avoid the rush.

no social media7. Say goodbye to social networks
A lot of people can’t get things done because they’re distracted by social media. A quick browse through news feeds can lead to hours and hours of surfing. What’s worse, your mind is completely off track.


8. Time yourself
When you focus on a task, you have to take it seriously. Give it a specific time to know how efficient you are. Once you practice this technique, you get to do more and have more free hours.

9. Take a break
After a day of long work is done, you have to take a breather. Let this be the reward you deserve. A real break means you have completed tasks at the right time. Leave what you’ve accomplished and prepare for the next.

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