8-Year-Old Boy Suffers Permanent Eye Damage After Mom Buys A Toy From His School Fair


Parents beware: check all the toys with which your kids play and ask them where they got it. In this unfortunate story, a boy from the UK suffered permanent eye damage after playing with a toy from his sister’s school fair.

The worst part of all is that his mother was the one who bought the toy. She’s now calling out to ban this toy from the fair.

Angela Marshall is urging school authorities to ban laser pens from school fairs. Her 8-year-old son, Jonny, suffered permanent eye damage after playing with a laser pointer at home.

In a morning show interview, Marshall explained that her boy begged her to buy a laser pointer which he saw at his sister’s school fair. The mother assumed that nothing harmful to children would be sold at the fair, so she bought one for Jonny.

Later that evening, Jonny played with his new toy at home and got curious about how strong the beam of the laser was. He pointed the laser directly into his eye and immediately damaged his retina.

It was found that the thermal burn left permanent damage to the boy’s eye.

Feeling terrible about what happened, the boy said, “We didn’t know how much damage the laser pen could do.”

His mom added that the laser pens sold at the fair didn’t comply with the standard regulations in the country. “If it had been within the UK regulations it wouldn’t have done the damage, but unfortunately it had been imported and therefore it was a class 3B laser which is between five and 500 milliwatts,” Marshall mentioned.

It is believed that the 3B type of laser pen Jonny took home from the fair can cause serious eye injuries even up to 109 yards away. The most dangerous part is when he pointed it straight into his eye.

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