8 Ways To Make Your Shoes Really Comfortable

I hate to throw shoes out! I have large feet, and finding a pair of shoes that fits well can be a challenge. I don’t let a little tightness stop me from buying a shoe if everything else fits perfectly because I know there are tons of hacks to fix it up and make it perfect for me! I need to make my shoes last as long as possible, and you can too with these easy and simple tricks! Get more out of your shoes with easy tricks.

6.24e1. Cover your flip-flops in fabric.

This trick is easy and super trendy! Wrap fabric or a long scarf around your flip flops and secure it by tying the ends around your ankles. If you would rather not tie this around your ankle, you can always secure it by sewing it or tying it tightly to the plastic. This is a fun way to jazz up old sandals that may have worn out or have faded colors. There are a lot of tutorials online, so you’ll just need to find a look that you’d like to replicate and enjoy your new and improved sandals!

6.24k2. Make squeaky shoes quieter with a dash of baby powder.

We all know that feeling of having all eyes on us while our shoes squeak-squawk down the tile floors at the office or the hardwood floors in a quiet library. A dash of baby powder will get into those creaky cracks and quiet those squeaks! You may need to replace the baby powder if the shoes get wet or the squeaks return, but I haven’t had to in my nice work boots. I put baby powder in a few months ago and haven’t had to put any more since!

6.24l3. Put dry tea bags in your smelly shoes to absorb the odors.

This works especially well with shoes that you wear without socks such as flats or boat shoes. I use this for my gym shoes, too! I put the tea bags in over night and by the morning the smell is considerably less noticeable. There are other methods you can use, but I don’t like putting baking powder or baby powder in excess in my shoes because it makes my feet feel powdery mid-day.

6.24f4. Stretch tight shoes by freezing a bag of water tucked into the toes.

This works for brand new shoes that are just a bit too tight! Fill a sealed storage bag with water and put it into the parts of the shoe that you want stretched. Place the shoes in your freezer and leave them over night. The water will slowly expand as it freezes, stretching the tough material in the process. If the shoes are still too tight, repeat the process and try again!

6.24g5. Repair worn out areas with tough denim.

Do you have a favorite pair of running shoes that haven’t quite lost all of their usefulness? This is a huge problem for me. I feel like the fabric on the shoes I buy just isn’t made to last very long at all! Sew in a bit of jean material to keep the shoes wearable and to prevent further breakdown of the delicate fabric in the shoe.

6.24h6. Use an open shoe lace pattern.

If you have wide feet that lose feeling halfway through a run, you should consider this shoe lace pattern! The extra room will give your little piggies room to breathe, reduce friction and blisters, and keep the fabric on the sides of your shoes from splitting and bursting open. This is especially helpful if you frequently lose feeling in your smaller toes. Try it out and see if it makes a difference for you!

6.24j7. Use plastic heel protectors when you’ll be walking on grass.

This is great for outdoor weddings! You want to look nice and wear nice shoes, but the festivities are all outside on grass. Nothing is worse than trying to pose and smile with your friends only to lose your balance because your heels have sunken into the dirt. We’ve all been there! Fortunately, you can buy these neat little heel attachments at most shoe stores to keep you upright and out of the mud!

6.24i8. Turn canvas and cloth shoes into water-proof shoes with beeswax.

If you’re planning a camping trip and it might rain, this is a neat way to bring along casual shoes for hanging out around the camp when you’re done hiking. Beeswax will keep water out of your shoes with a thick, waterproof layer and help prevent moisture on the ground from getting inside of your socks.

These tricks are easy and fast! Transform your uncomfortable shoes into everyday items that you’ll love to use! Try some of these out for yourself and see if they work for you!

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