8 Things You Should Never Say To A Friend Who Is Grieving — I’m guilty of #5

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A feeling of panic runs down your spine when you hear the news of a friend losing a loved one. The sense of not knowing what to say is difficult, so read these things that you should avoid.

1. “He/she doesn’t want you to be sad.”
The last thing you want to do is add guilt to someone who’s grieving. The feeling is bad enough, and they can feel worse thinking they didn’t handle the situation well.

2. “He/she is in a better place now.”
Most people say this with the best intention, but sometimes, it’s too painful to hear for a grieving family. They might feel the care they gave wasn’t enough no matter how difficult it was for them.

3. “You should be over it by now.”
The pain may subside after losing a loved one, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get over it. As soon as something makes them remember, the painful chord in their heart can strike again.

4. “You can get married again or have another child.”
They can never replace a loved one that has passed, so give honor to that person and never ever mention this to anyone.

5. “It’s all for the best.”
Nothing can ease a grieving person’s heart than getting the loved one back. That person sees nothing good at the moment, so don’t mention anything about what is best.

6. “Stay busy to forget all the pain.”
Utter these words and it’s like you flushed their feelings down the drain. If you can’t help it, make sure it’s not in a commanding manner.

7. “Don’t look sad in front of the children.”
It’s totally normal to grief in front of the kids. The truth is, children don’t want anything hidden from them. Early in their age, it’s even better to explain to them what happened.

8. “Cheer up; I have a joke for you.”
Save the jokes for later because humor might remind the grieving person of the good times they’ve had.

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