8 Things Only Frugal Women Know

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There’s no way you can outsmart frugal women on spending money. Here are the saving ideas only they know.

1. Cable TV isn’t worth it.
There’s actually no problem with cable TV, it’s just that packages come with hefty bills. There are other options that cost below $10 each month like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Now there’s a better deal.

2. The vending machine eats money.
Need food fast? Run to the vending machine to answer your rumbling tummy. Just don’t tell a frugal lady because she will never do that. There’s no nutritional value in them whatsoever and the price is way too high.

3. Scrap paper should be saved.
When’s the last time a frugal person bought a ream of paper from the store? Scrap paper at home can still be used for printing, notepads, and covers. There’s no need to make any purchase.

4. Shop at grocery stores than the warehouse.
Warehouse stores are convenient because they have almost everything that you need, but they don’t always offer the best deals. It’s better to shop at the local grocery where deals are more likely.

5. Dinner options are inside the freezer.
Why go out and eat dinner at a fancy restaurant when there is a quick meal in the freezer? Yes, that’s one way to save money for other items and all you need is to heat it in the microwave oven.

6. A good sale means big opportunities.
When summer items go on sale during winter, that’s already a good opportunity frugal women never pass up. They know that it’s useful come June, so it’s right to buy them now and avoid the peak season.

7. Fresh produce should never go bad.
A person who knows the value of food never lets the lettuce go all slimy inside the fridge. That’s a principle by which to live. A meal plan should always set it ready for a delicious salad.

8. A side-hustle is good on the budget.
Whenever a side-hustle comes along, it comes with a bright light that will always lead you to something good. It’s better to take the opportunity especially when the budget is tight.

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